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We are swimming pool repair experts specializing in repairing common pool problems. Receive a free pool repair estimate by giving AquaPoolCo a call today at 480-241-7447Our experience in the swimming pool industry makes us one of the top pool repair companies in the East Valley area. Read more about Pool Repair Services In Gilbert

Pool Repair Services In Gilbert & Queen Creek, Arizona


AquaPoolCo offers affordable and professional swimming pool repair services to residential and commercial pool owners in the local Gilbert and Queen Creek, Arizona area including:

Pool Equipment Repair:


Pool Equipment Repair Gilbert

Pool Pump Repair & Replacement

We can repair all types of pool pumps. We also offer laser alignments, pump upgrades, vibration testing, installation and preventative maintenance. We can repair or replace your pool pump seals, o-rings, impellers, and baskets. We also repair pool pump suction leaks. Learn more about Pool Pump Repair

Pool Motor Repair & Replacement

We can repair your broken pool pump motor or install a brand new one. We also offer rebuilt pool motors, energy efficient motors, variable speed motors. We also repair pool pump bearings and capacitors. Learn more about Pool Motor Repair

Pool Filter Repair, Cleaning & Replacement

Pool filter cleaning is needed to keep your pool water sparkling clean! Your pool filter is the most important part of your pool. They trap all of the debris and algae from returning back into your water. We offer pool filter replacement and installation services. We do a thorough cleaning of the cartridges and grids, replace sand in your filter and inspect and lubricate the tank’s o-ring. We can clean D.E. Filters, change sand in sand pool filters, and replace cartridges. We also offer pool filter repair.

Pool Lights & Timers

We can repair and replace your faulty pool lights and timers. We can repair or replace bulbs, gaskets or upgrade your lighting system to low voltage or LED pool lighting.

Pool Heater Repair

New gas heater installations and pool heater repair services for natural gas, L/P gas, electrical, heat pump, and chillers. Learn more about Pool Heater Repair

Pool Heat Pump Repair & Replacement 

Want a new pool heater or repair or replace your broken gas, electric pool heater or heat pump as we have the knowledge and experience necessary to fix any type of pool heat pump. We offer heat pump repair & replacement.

Saltwater Cell Repair & Chlorination

We can repair and service your saltwater pool and also chlorinate it properly.

Pool Equipment Automation

Do you want to control your pool and spa from your smart phone or any electronic device, be able to turn your heater on for your hot tub while you are driving home from a dinner date with your special someone or create the perfect mood lighting with your new LED color changing pool lights? Well, with our vast knowledge on Wi-Fi enabled devices for your pool we can make it happen.

In-Ground Pool Leak Repair:


Pool Leak Repair Gilbert

Pool Crack Repair

Do you have cracks in the floors, walls or tile line of your swimming pool? We can help with our pool crack repair services! Don’t worry we can fix almost any structural crack in your pool to help you avoid structural degradation.

Underground Plumbing

If your leak is located under your pool shell, we can detect it and repair it. We can also help with underground pool pipe repair.

Above Ground Plumbing

Need pool plumbing repairs? We can help. Give us a call and tell us about the issue you are having.

Cleaning Pool Drain

We include pool drain cleaning in our pool maintenance program. This ensures no clogs or breaks in your pool drain.

Pool Drain Repair

Acid washes, chorine washes, algae removal, cracks, rebar rust spots.

Auto Filler Repair

Repairs, Installations, anti siphon valves, and flip and floats.

In-Floor Cleaner Repair

Caretaker, quickclean, and pool valet. Robotic Cleaner Repair – Barracuda, Kreepy Krauly, and Pool Vac.

Pool Valve Repair

Ball valves, 3-way valves, automation valves, gate valves, and actuator valves.

Pool Electrical Repair:


Pool Electrical Repair Gilbert

Pool Electrical Repair

Fix shorts, timers, motor connections, install GFCI outlets, provide conduit repairs, switch covers, and provide grounding and bonding service.

Spa Repair:


Spa Repair Gilbert

Spa Repair & Service

We offer spa cleaning , repair and maintenance services to pool owners who also own a spa.

Pool Tile Repair:


Pool Tile Repair Gilbert

Acid Wash

We offer acid washing to remove those nasty stains on your pool walls.

Pool Tile Repair

We repair pebble, mini pebble, plaster, ultra poz, bead create, and all tile. Replacement pool tile, fix falling or broken tiles, clean calcium, grout cleaning and sealing.

Remove Calcium From Pool Tiles

We offer professional pool tile cleaning to help you remove calcium from pool tiles. Learn more about Pool Tile Calcium Removal

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I have been using Aquapoolco, along with all of my neighbors. I have been using Aquapoolco for 5 years and I love them. They always arrive on Time and do a fantastic job. I have dogs, and they are always careful to make sure the gate is locked when the leave, which is important for me, because I am not there when they perform service. Most importantly they are trustworthy, and I do not have to worry about being there when they come. Thank you for all you do.
George MPool CleaningGilbert, Arizona

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If you are searching for “pool repair near me“, “swimming pool repair“, “pool repair service“, “in-ground pool repair“, “pool repair service near me“, “pool repair companies near me“, in Gilbert, Arizona, AquaPoolCo Service & Repair is here to help!