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If you are Googling “Pool Heater Repair” or “Pool Heater Replacement” in Gilbert, Chandler or Mesa, while looking for pool heater repair or installation contractors near you, Arizona, AquaPoolCo can help! AquaPoolCo Service & Repair can help! Get a free pool heater repair or pool heater replacement estimate by giving us a call today at (480) 241-7447.

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Pool Heater Services

AquaPoolCo Service & Repair offers a full range of pool heater services including:

Pool Heater Repair


AquaPoolCo Service & repair offers pool heater repair for all major east valley cities including Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa, Arizona. We offer pool heater repair for many different models and brands of pool heaters including: Hayward (H100lD1, H400FDN, H150FDP, CSPAXl11, HP50TA), Zodiac (LRZ250EP, Jandy LXi), Pentair and Sta-Rite (SR400NA) pool heater models.

Electric Pool Heater Repair


Electric pool heaters work by using an electric heat pump to heat the swimming pool water. This type of pool heater is for homeowners who want to swim any time of year. Electric pool heaters are also perfect for athletic trainers who want a pool heater but has a roof that’s too small for a solar heater. Electric pool heaters, when sized properly, can regulate a pool’s water temperature between 80-90 °F, no matter what the weather is like outside. Electric pool heaters can only work with temperatures 45 °F or more, which is perfect for Arizona since it never gets below that temperature.

Sometimes the heat pump will go bad which leaves you with broken pool heater. AquaPoolCo can fix broken heat pumps.

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Gas Pool Heater Repair


Gas pool heaters are great if you only want to heat your pool water for a short period of time. Sometimes the gas lines in your pool heater will leak or beak, causing your pool heater to work inefficiently or quite working altogether. AquaPoolCo can perform a gas line inspection or troubleshoot other problems that might be keeping your pool heater from working correctly.

When you gas pool heater isn’t heating the water like it should or isnt working at all, call the experts at AquaPoolCo.

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Common Gas Pool Heater Problems


  • The heater won’t ignite
  • The pilot will not light
  • Heater won’t heat up to desired temperature
  • Heater turns on and off
  • Heater leaks
  • Heater leaking when burner’s lit
  • Dark exhaust or top is black
  • Heater rusting
  • Heater making whistling noise
  • Pool heater smells like gas

Solar Pool Heater Repair


Solar pool heaters are great for reducing pool heating costs. Just like any other pool heater, solar heaters go bad too. We can inspect your pool heaters control valve, pump, filter and solar collector to find what is causing your solar pool heater problem and offer a free quote to fix it.

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According to  Energy.Gov, “You can reduce pool heating costs by installing a solar powered pool heater. They’re cost competitive with both gas and electric heat pump pool heaters, and they also have very low annual operating costs. Actually, solar powered pool heating is the most cost-effective use of solar power in many climates.

We Fix Common Pool Heater Problems


  • Pool Heater Will Not Turn On
  • My Pool Heater Turns On For A Couple Seconds Then Shuts Off
  • My Pool Heater Runs & Turns On Fine But It Shuts Down Before Reaching The Correct Temperature
  • My Pool Heater Pilot Won’t Light
  • Pool heater will not stay on
  • I Frequently Have To Relight My Pilot Light
  • The Pool Heater Is Leaking Water
  • Heater Top Emitting Dark Exhaust and/or Blackened
  • Pool heater will not turn off
  • The Heater Is Damaged Due To Excessive Heat
  • Pool heater will not spark
  • Pool heater will not ignite
  • My Heater Is Making A Whistling Noise
  • Pool heater tripping breakers
  • I Hear Sparking Or Clicking But My Pool Heater Won’t Ignite
  • Pool heater turns on by itself
  • Peal heater is smoking
  • Pool heater says “service”
  • Pool heater reading wrong temperature

Pool Heater Error & Fault Code Repair


Our Service Area Includes


We offer pool heater repair services in Gilbert, Chandler and Queen Creek, Arizona.

Pool Heater Repair Gilbert

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Pool Heater Repair Chandler

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Pool Heater Repair Queen Creek

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Pool Heater Replacement 


If your pool heater will not work anymore or is beyond repair, it’s time for pool heater replacement. If you have an electric pool heater, replacing it with a gas pool heater can be great for energy efficiency. However, if you don’t have natural gas than an electric pool heater with a pool heat pump should work just fine. Look no further than AquaPoolCo for professional and affordable pool heater replacement.

  • Electric Pool Heater Replacement
  • Gas Pool Heater Replacement
  • Solar Pool Heater Replacement

Professional Pool Heater Installation


AquaPoolCo offers professional pool heater installation services throughout the East Valley of Phoenix. Wan’t to keep swimming even when it becomes cold outside? Installing a pool heater will help you heat your water quickly and enjoy your pool all year long. Pool heaters are great for in-ground pools in Arizona. You can choose from many different types of pool heaters to install including gas, electric and solar pool heaters.

Pool Heater Installation Services

Reviews & Testimonials


Read our reviews and testimonials from happy clients of AquaPoolCo Service & Repair.

5 Star Review: When I became fed up with another service company; I called Aquapoolco. I expected to have to wait for service, but was pleased with the fast response that I received. My pool looks great and there was no hidden cost or hassle. I definitely recommend using these guys!
Wes EPool CleaningScottsdale, Arizona

Excellent Service, Quick Response

5 Star Review

“Excellent service, quick response and willing to share valuable maintenance info. We recommend AquaPoolCo!”

Gilbert Pool Owner

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Got Our Spa Heater Working

5 Star Review

 “Showed up at the appointment time and seemed like no time before they got our spa heater working. 5 stars all the way!”

Chandler Pool Owner

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Pool Heater Repaired For An Affordable Cost

5 Star Review

“We had a problem with our electric pool heater and AquaPoolCo got it repaired for an affordable cost. Thank you guys a ton!”

Queen Creek Pool Owner

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If you are having problems with your pool heater in Gilbert, Chandler or Queen Creek, Arizona, give AquaPoolCo Service & repair a call today at (480) 241-7447 for affordable pool heater repair & service.

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If you’re Googling “Pool Heater Repair” in Gilbert, Chandler or Mesa, Arizona while looking for pool heater repair contractors near you, AquaPoolCo Service & Repair can help!