Pool Heater Installation

AquaPoolCo offers professional pool heater installation services throughout the East Valley of Phoenix including: Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe and more. Wan’t to keep swimming even when it becomes cold outside? Installing a pool heater will help you heat your water quickly and enjoy your pool all year long. Pool heaters are great for in-ground pools in Arizona. You can choose from many different types of pool heaters to install including gas, electric and solar pool heaters.

Gas Pool Heater Installation


Gas pool heaters are by far the quickest way to heat your pool. These heaters work by using propane or natural gas for fuel to heat the water. Installing a gas pool heater costs less than installing an electric pool heater but more than installing a solar pool heater. However, gas pool heaters cost more to run per month. If you plan on installing a gas pool heater, installing a solar cover as well will make it 50% more efficient according to Leslie’s Pool.

Electric Pool Heater Installation


Electric pool heaters, also known as, pool heat pumps, are very popular in many areas of Arizona. An electric pool heater will provide consistent pool water temperatures during mild winters in Arizona. Electric pool heaters wont heat up your pool as fast as a gas pool heater but electric heaters costs less to run.

Running an electric pool heater is more cost effective than running a gas pool heater. Gas pool heaters are less expensive to install but more costly to run. Installing an electric pool heater can save you 6 times more than a gas pool heater.

Solar Pool Heater Installation


Installing a solar pool heater will cost you about the same amount as installing a gas pool heater. But, solar pool heaters don’t cost any money to run every month. It doubles your swimming season, is completely environmentally friendly and last twice the lifespan of electric or gas pool heaters.

Solar pool heaters work by harnessing the sun’s energy so the only cost you have to pay is for installation. Solar pool heaters are the most cost effective pool heater money can buy in sunny Arizona. However, solar pool heaters only work when the temperature outside is warmer than the pool water so many homeowners go with a backup heating system as well.

How Much Does Pool Heater Installation Cost?


The average cost of installing a pool heater is $2,703 according to HomeAdvisor. Costs ranged from $1,607-$3,802 in 2018.  Read more about pool installation costs and cost to run here. *Disclaimer – This is not an actual quote. Contact AquaPoolCo to get an actual quote for your pool heater installation project.

Free Pool Heater Installation Quotes in Gilbert, Chandler & Queen Creek


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