Green Pool Cleaning Gilbert AZ

Green Pool Cleaning Gilbert AZ

Looking for green pool cleaning in Gilbert, AZ? Look no further than AquaPoolCo to clean up your green pool water fast.

Our green pool cleaning company has the remedy your need to clean up your green pool water and remove any algae stains from your pool’s surfaces.

Before & After Green Pool Cleaning

 Green Pool Cleaning Before & AFter Photo Gilbert AZ

Why do I have green pool water?

There are a couple reasons why your pool water turned green. We will list the reason below and offer solutions to those problems.

Algae Problem: Pool Chemical Imbalance

Swimming pools should have a pH balance of 7.2 – 7.8 in order to work effectively at killing bacteria and algae. Bacteria and algae are actually what is turning your pool water green. Chorine is the active ingredient that kills algae and needs the proper pH balance to work effectively.

Algae Solution: Chemical Cleaning & Rebalance

In order to get your green pool back to clear, we have to add chemicals and rebalance the pH levels. This process typically consists of: Shocking with chlorine + Cleaning Pool Filters + Backwashing Pool Filters and then repeating that process over and over again until the pool water is clean and the pH balance has returned to normal levels. After the water has returned to almost normal, a healthy dose of algaecide might be needed to give it that clear look back.

Pool Filter Problem: Clogged Filter

If your pool filter is clogged, that can be the reason for your green pool water. Your pool filter catches all the bacteria to keep it from entering your clean pool water. If you have a dirt or clogged filter it will let all of the bacteria flow right back in your pool, turning the pool water green.

Pool Filter Solution: Clean Filter Or Replace

The solution for a clogged or dirt pool filter is simple, clean it or replace it. If your pool filter is still in good condition, we will do a thorough cleaning to ensure it is trapping all of the bacteria from re-entering your pool water. If your pool filter is in bad condition, it might need to be replaced. In either scenario AquaPoolCo can take care of the job for you. We will also check your pH and chlorine balances to make sure they are adequate enough to clean up the rest of the green pool water you have.

Plant Life Problem: Falling Leaves

Most people have trees or plants that are right around the pool. Sometimes these leaves will fall into the water. Plant life has a different pH than your water and can throw off the balance, turning your pool water green.

Plant Life Solution: Cut Back & Rebalance

The first thing we will suggest is cutting back the trees or plants that are dropping leaves in your pool. We then complete the same steps as above to rebalance your chlorine and pH levels back to a normal level.

Green Pool Problem: Pool Contamination

If you pool is too contaminated with algae and you cannot see the bottom of your pool, there is a great chance that chemical cleaning and rebalancing will not turn your pool water clear.

Green Pool Solution: Drain & Refill

The only solution to completely contaminated pool water is to drain and refill the pool again with fresh clean water. We will also clean up any debris left at the bottom of the pool and rebalance your chemicals once the pool is completely filled. Also, if you are a property manager and are receiving the green pool from a previous tenant, there is a good chance that there might be green algae stains of the pool’s surfaces, we also offer acid washes or chlorine blast to remove the dirty stains.


I’m sure you are noticing a trend here. All of these problems center around chorine levels and pH levels. Maintaining these levels is the only way to get your pool water clear and ensure your pool water will never turn green again.

AquaPoolCo will get your pool chemical levels back to normal, clean up your green swimming pool and offer weekly, biweekly, or monthly pool service to help you maintain your chemical levels for good.
Need your green pool cleaned in Gilbert, AZ? Call AquaPoolCo today at (480) 241-7447 or fill out our contact form for a green pool cleaning quote. Give us a call for faster service.