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Aqua Pool Co provides high quality commercial and residential pool tile cleaning in Gilbert, AZ. We also provide pool tile calcium removal to get rid of those nasty stains on your pool tile.

Pool Tile Cleaning:

At AquaPoolCo, we take care of your pool like it was one of our family members. We have years of experience in pool tile cleaning and can make your pool tiles look new again. We are also experts in acid washing and calcium removal for pool tile, pool walls and surfaces.

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Before and After Pool Tile Cleaning Gilbert AZ

Calcium Removal:

We use the safest industry techniques to safely remove calcium and other deposits from your pool tile. After we perform our pool tile calcium removal techniques, we then perform pool tile polishing and sealing to keep your pool tiles cleaner longer. We will also give you tips of how to keep your pool tile clean yourself.

Pool Tile Types We Clean

We provide pool tile cleaning for glass tile, concrete, rock/boulders, natural stone, and pebble tec pools. Worried about harmful chemicals contaminating your pool water? Never fear, we offer multiple methods of pool tile cleaning and can service your pool tile with no harm to your pool water.

Pool Tile Cleaning Method: Glass Bead Blasting

Glass bead blasting is one of the safest ways to clean your pool tiles without adding harmful chemicals. What is Glass bead blasting? Glass bead blasting is a process of using a fine stream of glass beads to blast the calcium, minerals and other deposits off of your pool tile. Although, glass bead blasting is mostly used on pebble tec pools. Once the blasting is finished, we clean up all of the glass beads from your pool and deck. This process will not mess with the pool chemical balance like acid blasting does.

How long does glass bead blasting take?

Glass bead blasting usually only takes a 2-3 hours or so. However, if you are receiving acid washing services as well, you could expect to add on another 2 hours.

Does glass bead blasting work on other pool features? Yes, glass bead blasting can remove calcium from rocks, tile, water features and more.

Does my pool have to be drained in order for proper calcium removal?

No, we will only need to drain your pool water about 1ft down in order to access the calcium line on the pool tiles. Although, without draining the pool, the cleanup becomes a little more tricky. We vacuum the glass beads with your pool pump and pool filter. Once all of the glass beads are removed we then perform a backwash on your sand filter or D.E. Filter to get rid of all the glass beads. Cartridge filters will cost a little more because we have to remove the bead from the cartridges.

Pool Tile Cleaning Regiments

It is wise to have your pool tiles cleaned by a professional pool tile cleaner every 3 to 5 years or when the calcium buildup is large. The less time you wait the easier the calcium is to remove. This also increases your risk of damaging the tile. The longer we have to blast a single spot increases the likelihood of discolored or damaged tile finishes.


Before & After Pool Calcium Removal


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We at AquaPoolCo can use either acid washing or glass bead blasting to safely clean your pool tiles and remove the calcium deposits.

Need pool tile cleaning in Gilbert, AZ? Call AquaPoolCo today at (480) 241-7447 or use our contact form and one of our swimming pool tile cleaning experts will be in touch with you shortly.

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Quick Tip

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If you plan on cleaning your pool yourself - make sure you do the following.

  • Brush pool walls, steps and benches at least once a week
  • Clean all baskets (pump, skimmer, deck debris) weekly to prevent leaves breaking down and releasing phosphates in your water
  • Check and add chemicals (muriatic acid, chlorine tabs, shock) at least once a week for sparkling clear water
  • Backwash your filter or clean cartridges when pressure is 7-10lbs higher than it was the last time you backwashed
  • Check automatic pool vacuum or in floor system for proper operation and make adjustments when need.
  • Or you can hire us and your worry is over.