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If you are searching for "pool pump repair", "pool motor repair", "pool motor replacement" or "pool pump replacement" in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe or Scottsdale, Arizona, AquaPoolCo Service & Repair can help!


The pool pump in your swimming pool is necessary for having clean water that you, your family and friend will enjoy. Your pool pump circulates the water throughout the pool to clean and circulate pool chemicals properly. A broken pool pump or low functioning one will impact your pool's clarity and keep your pool chemicals from circulating properly.


Pool Pump Repair


Pool Pump Repair - Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler

Pool pump not turning on? Pool pump not working? Luckily, AquaPoolCo is a pool pump and pool motor repair specialist that can help resolve any swimming pool pump problem in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe & Scottsdale, AZ or fix pool problem in general. We fix broken or malfunctioning pool pumps all the time.

Pool Pump Replacement

Pool pump replacement is offered to cusotmers who's pool pumps are beyond repair and cannot be fixed. We can replace your pool pump with a brand new one to ensure your pool equipment is functioning properly. However, we will do everything we can before suggesting pool pump replacement as we know this can be an expensive service.

Pool Motor Repair

The hard part about repair pool motors is that you have to track down what caused the pool motor to stop working. Pool motors can have problems with electrical shorts, bearings going bad and faulty capacitors. Furthermore, the age of the pool motor is another factor is deciding whether to repair the pool motor or receive pool motor replacement.

Pool Motor Replacement

Sometimes it can be more cost effective to replacement your pool pump motor vs repairing it. Experts say that you will get more longevity and value out of replacing the pool pump motor vs repairing it. Sometimes you can recoup the cost of replacement in energy savings form installing an energy efficient pool motor. Furthermore, rebuilt pool pump motors are becoming more popular as they are cheaper than buying a brand new pool pump motor.

Pool Pump & Motor Problems:


The most common pool pump and motor problems include:

Lodged Debris


Pool pumps can be impact by debris getting sucked into it. We can remove debris and inspect your pump to make sure it is running properly according the manufacturers specifications.



Pool pump motors need to operate at very specific amperages. If your pool pump is not serviced properly, it cannot operate properly or in the worse case scenarios "not at all".



If your pool pump motor is making a lot of noise, the most common issue is the bearings. If your pump motor is 8 years old or more, it might be time to get the bearings inspected or replaced.



Before you decide that is doesn't work at all, make sure all of the circuit breakers and switches didn't get tripped first. It could be the simple flick of a switch that will get your motor working again. If it sill doesn't work, give us a call to get it inspected.

Pool Pump & Motor Manufacturers We Provide Repair For:

  • Century
  • Hayward
  • A.O. Smith
  • Sta-Rite
  • Aqua Flo
  • Pent-Air

AquaPoolCo. can handle repairs for swimming pool or spa pump motors on most pools.

Our service area includes: Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe & Scottsdale, Arizona


We offer pool motor repair, pool pump repair, pool pump replacement and pool motor replacement in many areas of the valley including Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe and Scottsdale, Arizona.


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Quick Tip

pool motor repair gilbert az

If you plan on cleaning your pool yourself - make sure you do the following.

  • Brush pool walls, steps and benches at least once a week
  • Clean all baskets (pump, skimmer, deck debris) weekly to prevent leaves breaking down and releasing phosphates in your water
  • Check and add chemicals (muriatic acid, chlorine tabs, shock) at least once a week for sparkling clear water
  • Backwash your filter or clean cartridges when pressure is 7-10lbs higher than it was the last time you backwashed
  • Check automatic pool vacuum or in floor system for proper operation and make adjustments when need.
  • Or you can hire us and your worry is over.