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pool maintenance gilbert az

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AQUAPOOLCO. offers East Valley pool owners in Gilbert, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa & Chandler, AZ an extremely affordable weekly pool maintenance service. Our experience in the swimming pool industry makes us one of the top pool maintenance companies in the East Valley area.

Pool Maintenance Services We Offer In Gilbert, AZ

pool maintenance gilbert az

Pool maintenance includes
brushing pool walls, benches, steps, backwashing, emptying all baskets, checking D.E. filters, chemical balance testing, adding chemicals, vacuuming pool floor and checking pool cleaner.

Why Choose AquaPoolCo's Pool Maintenance Service?

  • Our pool maintenance company is fully insured for your protection.
  • We keep your pool balanced by adding all the neccessary pool chemicals.
  • We clean all traps and baskets every week (including pool pump basket)
  • We remove all leave from the bottom and surface of the pool by skimming.
  • We clean and brush the steps, bottom and sides of your pool.
  • If you have a salt water pool, we can clean your salt cell if needed.
  • Filter backwashing when needed (add DE)
  • Proper adjustments of cleaning system for maximum cleaning potential.

We keep your pool clean and free of algae growth and unpleasant odors around the pool. We do this by making sure your pH balance is stable and correct and also checking the alkalinity of the water to keep it from becoming cloudy. We maintain 100's of pools in the Gilbert, AZ area alone. We partner with the leading pool equipment manufacturers and technology experts in our field.

pool maintenance gilbert arizona

We are simply the best swimming pool maintenance company in Gilbert, AZ for the following, because our expertise and quality are derived from years of experience leading a knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff!

If you are looking for quick and effective pool maintenance and repair services in the East Valley area, look no further than AquaPoolCo.

We are pool enthusiasts at heart and understand the money and time involved in your pool. We also understand the level of commitment and work it takes to keep your pool clean and in optimal condition all year round. We take care of your pool maintenance while you sit back and enjoy your new investment.

If you are looking for pool maintenance services in the Gilbert, AZ area, Call AquaPoolCo @ 480-241-7447

We are a trustworthy, local pool maintenance company that treats their customers like neighbors and family. We will work around your schedule and within your budget and we guarantee your satisfaction with our work. Contact us today for a free estimate; we look forward to hearing from you.


Quick Tip

i need pool maintenance in gilbert az

Heree are a couple of pool maintenance tips if you plan on cleaning your pool yourself - make sure you do the following.

  • Brush pool walls, steps and benches at least once a week
  • Clean all baskets (pump, skimmer, deck debris) weekly to prevent leaves breaking down and releasing phosphates in your water
  • Check and add chemicals (muriatic acid, chlorine tabs, shock) at least once a week for sparkling clear water
  • Backwash your filter or clean cartridges when pressure is 7-10lbs higher than it was the last time you backwashed
  • Check automatic pool vacuum or in floor system for proper operation and make adjustments when need.
  • Or you can hire us and your worry is over.