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Welcome to the AquaPoolCo website. We provide professional swimming pool draining services in Gilbert Arizona. We also provide pool draining information to help you become a more educated pool owner.

Did your pool turn green and now you are thinking about draining your pool water? If so, please contact us to do a chemical test on your pool water first. You may not need to drain your pool. We will try everything we can before suggesting a full swimming pool draining.

First of all, let's take a look at, "Why You Might Need To Drain Your Pool".

Why You Need To Drain Your Pool:

The reason you might need to drain your pool water is because any type of pool water is subject to harmful chemicals and a harsh environment due to minerals, dust, oils, dead skin, hair, and other biological remains. Over time pool water collects organic material and phosphates that are so small that even your pool filters can't filter them out. Also, chlorine is not enough to treat these tiny materials, chlorine only kills algae and bacteria. Furthermore, these organic materials are actually food for bacteria and algae. So if your organic materials and phosphate levels are high, you may eventually begin struggling to keep the algae and bacteria under control.

Once the levels of materials get too high, you pool water won't be able to accept chlorine to kill off the algae and bacteria in your water, turning your pool water green.

How Often Should I Drain My Pool / Change Out My Pool Water?

Pool experts recommend replacing your pool water around every 3-5 years, depending on your type of pool(Saline, Mineral Water, Salt Water, Chlorinated water etc.), climate, and how often your maintenance your pool.

Most pool water cannot be effectively treated after 3-5 years. It takes much more pool chemicals and money to clean your pool water once the water has reached 3-5 years old.

If you don't drain your pool water at least every 5 years or so, you will have reoccurring issues such as algae growth, cloudy water, and constant money spent on expensive pool chemicals.

Contaminated pool water can also damage your pools surface and walls. Environmental factors like hard water will eventually produce mineral and calcium buildup on your pool tiles costing you more money for pool tile cleaning. Weekly pool maintenance is cheaper than cleaning pool tiles.

We specialize in draining and cleaning green pools. Green stains left of the pool walls after a pool drain? No worry, we can clean those up too with our pool pressure washing services. We also provide pool tile cleaning for calcium and mineral buildup on pool tiles.

How Often Should I Drain My Pool / Change Out My Pool Water?

We follow all city codes for proper drainage of your pool water. GilbertAZ.Gov states that swimming pool water should be drained onto your own personal property first. If only a portion of the water can be drained onto the property, then the next option is allowing the draining to flow into the communities storm water retention basin. The last option is draining the water into your sewer clean-out which is usually located in the front of your home.

After We Drain The Pool: Your pool will be much easier to keep clean and maintain now that you have fresh new water. We perform the following safety steps to ensure properly draining your pool water:

We perform the following safety steps to ensure properly draining your pool water:

  1. Shut off filtration system at circuit breaker.
  2. Turn off automatic fill valve.
  3. Find access to retention basins or sewer line to legally drain your pool water.
  4. Run drainage hose from sewer line to pool and completely drain out your pool water.
  5. (If Needed) Acid wash, Chlorine blast, Pool Tile Cleaning, to get rid of stains or other minerals that are on your pool walls or pool tiles.
  6. Re-fill the pool water.
  7. Add the right amount of pool chemicals.
  8. Give a time estimate of when the pool water will be swimmable again.

Other reasons and services that might require you to drain your swimming pool water:

Pool draining is also needed for green pool cleaning, chorine blasting, and acid washing pool surface/walls.

We provide pool draining services for Residential swimming pools, Commercial swimming pools, Realtors, Apartments, neglected swimming pools, water features/tile cleaning, Foreclosed Property and Bank Owned pool cleaning.

Still think you need to drain your pool? Have AquaPoolCo come out and check your chemicals first! We will diagnose your pool water to make sure you need to drain before pumping out a single ounce of water.

If you do in fact need pool draining, we will let you know first and prepare a quote to legally and safely drain and refill your pool water in Gilbert, AZ.

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Quick Tip

pool draining services gilbert arizona

If you plan on cleaning your pool yourself - make sure you do the following.

  • Brush pool walls, steps and benches at least once a week
  • Clean all baskets (pump, skimmer, deck debris) weekly to prevent leaves breaking down and releasing phosphates in your water
  • Check and add chemicals (muriatic acid, chlorine tabs, shock) at least once a week for sparkling clear water
  • Backwash your filter or clean cartridges when pressure is 7-10lbs higher than it was the last time you backwashed
  • Check automatic pool vacuum or in floor system for proper operation and make adjustments when need.
  • Or you can hire us and your worry is over.