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Are you looking for the fastest way to turn a green pool clear? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place! This post lists 10 steps to turn a green pool clear fast in 2016, including, how to clear a green pool with a sand filter.

First of all, by fast . . . we actually mean 4 or 5 days. Even professional swimming pool cleaners take 4 or 5 days to turn a green pool clear. Honestly, the best method to keep your water clear all year long is to have a weekly or bi-weekly pool service company maintenance & clean your pool regularly. That way, you never have to experience “green pool problems” in the first place.

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Typical Green Pool Cleaning Cost for Professional VS Do it Yourself Pool Cleaning:

Cost Helper Home & Garden posted,

Once a week pool cleaners cost $75-$165 per month, based on four visits. Do-it-yourself pool cleaning runs $20-$100 per month for chemicals during the summer after initial purchase of pool tools including a vacuum head and hose from $50, and a maintenance kit with a wall brush, leaf skimmer, test kits and telescopic pole for around $60

Those are the dollar amounts for regular pool cleaning and maintenance costs. However, cleaning up a neglected green pool is going to cost your anywhere from $100 to $200 for a one-time cleaning fee.

Although, we’re sure you are not here to be taught a lesson in pool responsibility, so let’s get straight into how to clear up your dirty, black or green pool problem.

Step-by-step Instructions on how to clear up a green pool with a sand filter:

How To Clear Up A Green Pool With Sand Filter

Step 1 of 10 – Removing Large Debris

Check your pool floor for large debris and remove it with a leaf net. We’re sure you are thinking to use your skimmer, but don’t do it! You will end up stirring up the dirty water making it look even worse than it already was. Remove the large debris as carefully as possible without stirring up the water.

Important – If you can’t see the bottom of your pool, DON’T vacuum it! You risk damaging or clogging your filter, underground plumbing pipes and pool skimmer.

Step 2 of 10 – Adjusting Pool Chemical Levels

Adjust the alkalinity and pH levels in your pool water by using, pH minus, Alkalinity Plus and pH. The pool chemical levels have to be within the specified ranges or the pool water will never fully become clear.

Additional Resources for Adjusting Pool Chemical Levels:

Pool Water Balancing

Pool Chemical Levels For Dummies

Step 3 of 10 – Shocking The Pool Water

Shocking your swimming pool is simply over-chlorinating your pool water. Basically, you are drastically increasing the chlorine levels by adding in 3-5 times the normal amount. This helps kill the bacteria and algae that is causing your pool to become green. Pool owners should become familiar with the shocking process as it is needed for regular pool maintenance. Not sure how to shock your swimming pool properly? Visit wikiHow’s article, “How To Shock Your Swimming Pool” for step-by-step instructions or follow this simplified pool shocking guide below.

Time of day

The best time of the day to shock your pool is after the sun has gone down. Shocking your pool in the sun affect the chemical levels negatively and could cause additional problems that could cost you additional money. Shock it right the first time! Next, we will be choosing the shock type.

Choose a type of shock

You can either choose powdered shock or liquid shock. If you do choose powder shock, you will have to add in additional water. For example, for every pound of shock you should add in 5 gallons of water. Stir up the shock and water mix until no granules are left. These granules will sink to the bottom of the pool and damage your pool floor if not dissolved properly. Liquid chlorine is the easiest to use. You just pour the liquid chlorine right in the pool water. Make sure and spread it around though, don’t just throw it all in one spot. Continue this process for the first couple days until your notice your pool water change colors from green to cloudy white. Also, add liquid chlorine into your filtration system so it can clean out the filter as well. You will notice the water being returned into the pool once turning the filter back on, which also helps spread it around a bit.

Important – Never swim in a pool that has just been shocked. Wait until the pool is completely clear before even touching the water. The water reader should be a 3ppm or less to be safe for swimming.

Add Algaecide

Add algaecide to the water to get rid of the rest of the green contaminants

Step 4 of 10 – Let The Sand Filter run

A Combination of sand filtering and backwashing is needed to get rid of the green water and contaminants that made it that way. Don’t just let the filter run without backwashing! Green water can quickly clog a pool filter. Backwashing your sand filter is very normal and is the exact same steps a professional would take when cleaning your green pool. There’s no such thing as backwashing too much! The more you filter then backwash, the faster your green pool will become clear.

For D.E. Filters(diatomaceous earth pool filters), remember to add new diatomaceous earth to the skimmer as close as you can to the filter after backwashing. Run your pool filter for at least 24 hours a day and backwash your pool filter 3 or 4 times during that same day for speedy results. Diatomaceous earth filters clear up green pools 50% faster than traditional sand filters do.

Additional Resources For Pool Sand Filtering & DE Filtering

Here is a great article on how to backwash your sand filter, How To Backwash a Sand Filter.

Here is a great resource from the same company that teaches you how to clean your DE Filter, How To Clean Your DE Filter.

Additional Resources For Pool Vacuuming

Don’t have a pool vacuum, check out this resource on how to create a homemade pool vacuum, How To Make a Handheld Pool Vacuum.

Step 5 of 10 – Pool Still Not Clearing Up After 5 Days?

If you’ve followed all of these instructions to a “t” and your pool still isn’t clear within four or five days, you may have pool filter or pool pump problems. Call a pool repair company in your area immediately to avoid further damage.

Although, check out the Trouble Free Pool Forum for common question likes this one: User Shpigford asked the question, “Have been shocking for 10 days now…Green Pool won’t clear up? 10 days ago our pool was a nice thick green. Now, it’s no longer green, it’s just cloudy. I can see about 3-4 feet down. What do I do?”. User maxepr1 answered, Your almost there! Keep brushing and shocking! You need to be able to hold FC(free chlorine) overnight, or lose very little(.5-1)! It was green so there is lots to eat away. Keep cleaning the dead stuff up!”.

If you’ve tried this and your pool still looks green or cloudy, it’s time to call the pros. You’ve spent way too much money at this point and have to leave it to a professional. The pool specialist will pat you on the back for trying your little heart out and then clean up your pool the way it should be! There is a reason why we call them professional, they have years of experience cleaning dirty/green pools.

Step 6 of 10 – Aftercare

Once the water is mostly clear, you will notice the remaining debris lying on the floor of the pool (dead algae, dead leaves, etc). If there is only a little amount of debris left you can use your skimmer to scoop it out or use your pool vacuum and let it take care of itself. If there is more debris than you can scoop up or vacuum, call a pool specialist to have it professionally vacuumed. This will save you pool filter from wear, tear and clogged pool pipes.

Step 7 of 10 – How To Clean A Green Pool Video

If your having trouble following the step-by-step pool cleaning guide, check out this helpful YouTube video that lists all steps in order, and what products and pool chemicals to buy.

Step 8 of 10 – Pool Chemicals & Cleaning Products

How To Clear Up A Green Pool Fast

Make sure you buy all the pool chemicals and cleaning products you are going to need to clear up your green pool. All of these can be found at your local swimming pool supplies store. Also, the links will guide you to Google shopping with a list of the different types of pool supplies.

Step 9 of 10 – Do Your Pool Cleaning Research

Read “How Your Pool Pump & Sand Filter Work” to get a better understanding of your pool pump and pool sand filter system. Also, here is a quick list of other helpful articles that will help you manage your pool so that you never have to have a “green pool” again.

Other Helpful Pool Maintenance Resources:

Step 10 of 10 – Sit Back & Enjoy Your Non-Green Pool

Hopefully, by now you have cleared up your green pool, or if not, at least called a professional that can assist you. We hope you enjoyed “How To Turn A Green Pool Clear Fast 2016”, stay tuned for more helpful pool cleaning, maintenance and tip posts from AquaPoolCo.How To Clear Up A Green Pool Fast

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