Steps To Backwash Your DE Filter | Diatomaceous Earth Filter

how to backwash your de filter diatomaceous earth

Backwashing your D.E. filter simply means, reversing the water flow to clean out the debris and dirt that’s been collected in your Diatomaceous Earth filter over-time.

The pool water is pumped through the filter backwards and forced out of the drains waste port.

This “backwashing D.E. filter guide” will show you the 5 steps required to backwash your pool’s DE Filter or also known as your Diatomaceous earth filter.

To begin, let’s show you how to backwash your pool’s D.E. Filter:

Backwashing Your D.E. Filter Step by Step Guide

how to turn on the backwash valve de filter diatomacious earth

  1. Turn the power off to the filter system and turn your multi-position valve to the position that says “backwash” or pull open and twist your pull or push valve on your backwash gate
  2. Turn the filter system on again and run it for a couple of minutes(2 minutes is how long you should backwash your DE filter) to backwash the water out of the backwash port or valve. If you have a backwash hose installed, it would be a good idea to lay in out flat on the ground with the hose pointed towards an area where you don’t mind a lot of water sitting for a while.
  3. After a couple of minutes or so, shut the filter system off again. If you have a multi-position valve, turn it to “rinse” and then turn the filter system on again and run it for 1 minute this time. If you have the pull/push valve, just run it for an extra minute or so.
  4. Turn the system back off again and turn the multi-position valve back to “filter” mod and shut your pull/push valve.
  5. Next, Turn your filter system on again and more D.E. powder to the skimmer basket, make sure and read your specific filter instructions before adding the powder.

Steps For Backwashing Hayward Diatomaceous Earth Filters

Steps For Backwashing Hayward Diatomaceous Earth Filters bump handle

To backwash a Hayward Diatomaceous earth filter, turn the system off and twist open the backwash valve. Use the bump handle to bump the Hayward filter 15 times very slowly. Keep the backwash valve open while you turn your system back on and then let it run for a couple minutes or so. This is great for rinsing out the diatomaceous earth you shook off in your DE Filter.

Turn the system off again and repeat the same steps to make sure all of the diatomaceous earth is rinsed away. Bump it again 15 slow times and then turn your filter system back on again for another minute.

Once again, shut the system down and close of your backwash valve or replace the cap. Start the system back up and add more diatomaceous earth the your skimmer basket.

How Much Diatomaceous Earth To Add After Backwashing The DE Filter

First, find out the square footage of your diatomaceous earth filter. It should be listed on the side of the tank, if not, you can do a search on Google to find out or contact the technician where you bought your filter.

Diatomaceous earth is usually measure in pounds, it helps if you have a 1lb DE scoop but if you dont, you can also use a 1lb coffee can for measurements as well. The chart below shows exactly how much diatomaceous earth you should add compared to the square footage of your DE filter.

How Much DE Powder Dosage Is Needed? – Check the DE Dosage Chart below:

How Much Diatomaceous Earth To Add After Backwashing The DE Filter

When Should I Backwash My DE Filter, How Often?

Your DE filter pressure gauge should tell you when it is time to backwash your DE filter. The pressure gauge on your DE filter is there to tell once the pressure inside the tank is too high. The pressure builds because of debris and dirt that is collected in your filter, the more debris, the higher the tank pressure.

After you backwash your filter for the first time, take a note of the reading(you will need it again, do not skip this step). This will be your starting point of tracking your pressure increases.

How to tell when your DE Filter pressure gauge is too high and it’s time to backwash the filter.

How Often Should You Backwash a DE Filter
This is where you’re the tracking of your pressure comes in handy. Once the meter increases 9-10lbs over the normal starting pressure, it’s time to backwash your DE filter. For example, if your normal pressure is at 10psi and your meter reaches 20psi (pounds per square inch), it’s time to backwash your filter.

It can’t hurt to backwash your filter early, if you want, but it’s actually more beneficial if you let some of that debris and dirt buildup in the filter. That buildup helps catch the smaller particles that would normally make it through a perfectly clean filter.

Important Question: What is Diatomaceous Earth or D.E.?

what is diatomaceous earth fossilized skelotons one cell organisams diatoms

Diatomaceous earth or DE is actually skeletons of fossilized 1 cell organisms referred to as diatoms. Its a white powder that get added to the filter which create a DE cake, latching itself to the grid inside the filter. The cake is what helps filter out fine particles, debris and dirt. DE filters require a lot of work to maintain but are the best type of pool filter to clean your pool water.

We hope you enjoyed “Steps To Backwash Your DE Filter”, stay tuned for more helpful pool cleaning and maintenance posts from AquaPoolCo.

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